Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Wavelength/frequency/chemistry.... ok whtever's tht called , lemme go with the filmi style on-screen chemsitry, off-screen chemistry..hmmm...nope may be this is related to just hero-heroine in real life/ reel life. Ok so lets say its frequency.

Ever wondered how much time does it take to know someone, a day/a week/6 months more than that or does it depend on the person. For some one even if u are with them for many years still the closeness never develops. For some the frequency matches so well that u seem to share them as soon as u meet this person.

I think if the frequency matches between two persons it never takes much time to become good friends, it may not be that they both like some common thing or both have same views that they believe in but I beleive its something beyond that. It has an unconditional element in it. Even though one can't articulate the reasons for this, it is this mysteriousness or say MAGIC which brings one person close to the other person.

Friendship happens in that special moment when someone reaches out to another, trusts, comforts, believes in another, and makes a special difference that no one else can make.

-- : Anonymous

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Art of giving compliments

People say flattery/compliments takes you nowhere, but it does. (ofcourse there is a thin line between flattery and compliments).Compliments is putting across something that the other person doesnot know or know about himself/herself. Flattery is more of insincere praise.
Whenever possible try to observe good qualities in others and compliment them.
Here are some DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to giving a compliment.

@work place
- when ever possible DO give sincere compliments.
- give compliments at right situations and right time(say ur junior seems to lack some confidence, give him a compliment. This gives him boost )
- Do give when some one really has to be, for his work.

to ur girl friend
- surprise ur girl friend with warm compliments.(women do look for them most of time).
- tell her she's lost weight (even if she hasn't, this thrills her,u wud c her eyes widen and smile.)

to ur parents
- if u r living far off keep telling them once in a while how much u miss them.
- tell ur mom how u miss food she used to make for u.
- tell ur parents how much u owe them for what ur today.

DON'T do this

- Don't Compliment every now and then. If u compliment all the time u loose ur value.
- Don't give the same compliments to everyone, there is always something unique for every individual, identify that.

When I was in school in the activity class, our madam used to make us sit in groups and asked us to give compliments to each other, she said to say something good that u observed in the other person. When it was my chance to say, all that was in my mind was what should I be saying, coz never at that age really understood what she meant. Now I realize what it is.
I had given a sincere compliment to a dear friend of mine saying u looked gr8 today, and this friend of mine said "if u have some work tell me, no need to say that",....hmmm guess wht wud my reaction be..........
This made me think and write this post today. I haven't yet mastered the skill of giving compliments yet and realized that it sounded more like flattery. Hmmm,...go to improve more on this.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Most Beautiful Campus

These are few pics of our campus in the month of march taken by me

A side view of a small fountain in quad

Memorial Tower

Night View of Memorial Tower

Below are pics of somw flowers, dunno the names

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My New Job

A break from making calls, a rescue for my poor ear and a work where I need to use my brain.
oh ya, I got a new job guys. My new work place is too good, I have a small cabin , a laptop upon that no one to monitor me. I have to finish my task n upload to server where its checked. I have started liking this job coz I am using my brain atlast.
I am designing a website for the IGERT group of chemistry dept in my univ. But still the job offer wasn't very exciting though it pays me double of wht I used to so far as I am looking for full-time jobs. I am gonna be on this job for just 2 months at maximum, but very happy that I don't have make anymore calls......

thts the latest news for this week.

Friday, March 10, 2006

memories down the lane

Yesterday was the birthday of one of our dear friends, though lot of us wanted to do something spl, cudn't do much than just calling him and putting him on a conference call with all guys in USA.

We always do have conference calls with all friends in week ends, but this was something special, everyone was happy, I just asked everyone lets put a conference call and wish the Birthday Boy and none took more than a second to say yes even though all were busy. That was a real good conversation on phone with everyone saying something and no one understanding who's talkin wht, and one trying to give other a phone number, to put some other in conference, one takin with the customer on other line, other in his lab doin work, the other enjoying movie with roommates,...hmmmm....so much of disturbances but then all wanted to hear B-BOY's voice...so here's the deal, v said ok lets talk according to our roll numbers n wish him and it went on.( I still remember the roll no's of all my classmates..wowww)

I felt really happy talking to old buddies from college, may be we never realized each others value so much when we were together but right now when each one of us are in different places, busy in life's and hardly get to talk to each other. we know how much we miss each other and how badly everyone wants those days back.

And here in between the conversation one of my friends says " hey I never found good friends after my college, you were the best", that really touched us though everyone laughed out at it. Hope we all meet someday and have a big blast, though looks impossible all 44 guys together, Guess all u guys reading this post from my class would work that out.

There’s a miracle of friendship that dwells within the heart
And you don’t know how it happens or where it gets its start
But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift
And you realize that friendship Is God’s most perfect gift.


p.s This post dedicated to all my friends from college.

lots of luv to all.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

@work place

I can write like lots abt this, but will make it short. I work @call center, its like outbound one. But don't even imagine it to be anything like that in India or something totally sophisticated.

We have systems here bought for 40-60 bucks, racing ur mind to convert in rupees. Wht!!! surprised after conversion, yeah we do have those systems, the system I worked today, had a 14 inch monitor. The screen showed only two colors blue n yellow...:(. My employer picks these systems from surplus and puts them for such efficient use.
ok ok they pay me so I work, there's no cribbing abt tht now.

There are lot of good things abt my work place, I have never been there on time nor worked exactly for my schedule, I go at my leisure. This is the best part of it. No one asks whether u complete ur 20 hr's or u just did 5 hr's for tht week. They just pay for wht u work.

Next comes the calling thing, everyone is asked to make a minimum of 40 dialings per hour or one complete survey. So sometimes I am enough lucky get 4 or 5 completes per an hour or two, and I sit without dialing for next 3 hours, just browsing net or reading novel's :)

I work like 5 hours per day, by then if I wud want to sit more, my poor ear starts saying, enough of it now...., I always wonder if its just my ear or everyones which say so after hearing the sound for about 5 hours continuously. I just can't take more than that per day and so come back home.

hey anyone had similar experience, share with me. waiting for ur comments

bye for now.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My First Post

wht makes me to blog??....

well, some reasons here

1. Lotts of time tht I get as I am job less, but wud be continuing blogging after tht too...
2. Want to express my everyday thinkin to all my friends, ........
3. A solution @work place where I keep thinking everyday " wht to do?"
hmmm.....To be specific I work @ a call center but the title given to me is "RESEARCH SURVEYOR" sounds gr8 na......

Y this link prathyusham.blogspot.com

I was trying for many other names, prathyusha (thts my name), prathyu(friends call me), chinni(close pals n nick name @home).....but none was available...

my name prathyusha is derived from sankrit name prathyusham meaning " early morning before the first ray of sun touches the earth". So tht explain's it.

more to go in my second post,
luv to all friends