Sunday, April 29, 2007

Paisa Vasool

The only match I watched in this world cup was the final today. It was awesome, got to see it projected on the big screen, courtsey UW Madison , Indian Association.( they were very sweet, pay what you can was the funda n they gave snacks too :))....thanks to them....I was watching cricket after long long time...n this game was awesome..I enjoyed every ball....ofcourse Australian team being my favorite for many years now and ofcourse I did wanted to see Mc Grath, this was his last match and I definitely didn't want to miss. Cricket world is gonna miss him for sure.

Adam Glichrist was enough for the game to win....Jayasuriya and the following wicket did loss to the Srilankans but as such they did play very well...and lot of confusion in the last overs was funny too for all of us viewing ..the game being reduced to 36 overs and then it being stopped at 33 overs.. declaring not officialy Australia as winning the world cup...n immediately all Australian team going ga ga....even the screen showing Congrats Australia...but they being asked to play the left off 3 overs for tomorrow .....ohhhhhhhhhh....n then ending up the match playing the last 3 overs again....again the second celebration for winning the world cup....I don't know what everyone was feeling ...but I enjoyed the cricket today totally....
and later I was feeling that there's one common thing between the Indian cricketers and the Telugu film industry hero's , hmmmm...u did guess that right...they never can retire...even an ugly(handsome) looking 45/50 yr old still wants to act in movies with a heroine who is <20 years and the cricketers too....coz they are legends.....and they have lot of potential in them left still..or may be they are all the decendents of dhruva.
Bottom line I enjoyed the show.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Planet Like Earth

Now, this should be interesting . Researchers have found another planet smiliar to earth or a twin of earth. Imagine if there are people like us there too. That should be exciting to visit other planets .

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