Friday, December 29, 2006

One For India

The time when I was thinking about what to do and how to contribute to the mother land as an IT Professional being in the United States, I was introduced to our local AID chapter, to which I am associated till now. I was pretty impressed to learn the many different ways in which I could contribute and feel connected.

AID is a non-profit organization working for sustainable and just development in India. There are about 40 chapters in the U.S and 6 chapters in India. AID has 15 years of work experience and more than 1000 volunteers.

To learn more about AID please click here

AID Main Website:

AID Baton Rouge Projects/website: The local AID chapter in Baton Rouge.

As many blessings come upon you this year, let the same blessings be showered this new year upon our fellow Indians. As many are awaiting to bring joy into their lives lets all join to make there dreams come true. You can make this happen by contributing to "One for India" campaign which is AID's year-end fundraiser, Any contribution from you will reach the millions of such needy people in India. AID creates innovative ideas and novel ways of teaching to create a world of difference for such people.

The "One for India" campaign is AID's year-end fundraiser and all the contributions go towards supporting various projects of AID in areas such as education, health-care, rural development, livelihood generation and empowerment of women. All of your contributions will go to the Eureka Library Project and "Srikakulam Integrated Block Development Project "

(please do not forget to choose "Baton Rouge" under chapters)
All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Join me in giving opportunity for growth and development to the lives of the people who had little or no opportunity.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Monday Morning Blues

Y do v have to get up early?....How many days for the Friday to come. Y can't I sleep on Sunday nights early and can't get up early on Monday mornings and whts the point joining I hate to wake early communitites in orkut. I can't skip watching family guy or south park but can definitely miss goin to the gym. And believe that I am health conscious by skipping breakfast, while I think I am going to have my breakfast from tomorrow for sure when the stomach starts making sounds while in the meeting. And am not going to have heavy dinners. Try skipping a dinner,..No...No, one should never,If not now when am I going to eat, So eat good fatty food, like having a hershey's creamy chocolate milkshake daily. Keep the alarm at 6:30 AM and get up at 7:20 when roomies helps you wake. Thinking of getting married when am bored and within 2 seconds change the decision, shit I would be stuck with that one person, so delay that and enjoy life as long as you can(from the experiences of many married ppl). And they also advice me to find a good guy and think of marriage but the catch is how to find the so called "good guy" God damm, while A goes and tells to everyone that I am married which spreads to become that I have a kid too now. aaahhhhhhhhhh....
Knock,knock...Enough of rolling and thinking on bed , its 7:45 AM , got to be in office by 8:00 AM and to add to it, there's a snow Strom...So I better hurry.
ps: wrote the blog last monday, one more example of my laziness