Friday, May 12, 2006

Time to Sue if

Anyone wanna make some money, there's one good idea and one more thing if you are fat it makes things much more easier, How do earn money so : Sue McD's
U can ask them for a big fat check, for you are fat, Sue McD's. Its as easy as that.

There's is no dearth for smart people on earth, One is enough smart to sue McD's though he's not smart enough to take care of his health or doesn't know what he should be eating and what he shouldn't be.

A teenager sue's beacuse he got ADDICTED to the food of McD's and in turn put on weight.

There are other ideas to sue McDonald's

You can order HOT COFFEE, spill it or burn your lips and sue . How and y?
Because the HOT COFFEE was HOT!!!!!! and they didn't tell you while giving you that the "HOT COFFEE you ordered IS HOT " and there's no where written on the mug/cup that the COFFEE IS HOT.( goshhhhhhhhhhh, isn't hot coffee meant to be hot, may be not guys).

You can sue for your girl burnt her lips because of HOT COFFEE and you were not able to KISS her for X days, and vice versa.

You can sue McD's if you are fat and McD's didn't hire you, if you weigh 420 or 420+ pounds, according to law your obesity comes under disability, and McD's voilated some xyz law. So the judge will conclude that you must be hired(ofcourse you put on 420 pounds because of eating in McD's from standard 6th daily till you put on 420 pounds), and you will be protected under the law.

Sue McD's if you are fat as they didn't tell that if you eat their fast food you wud get fat. They haven't written anywhere also that " Eating this make's you fat", or " You slowly put on weight eating it regularly without working out".....have any of seen such things written, nope right, then one can go ahead n sue McD's

If you are a hindu you can sue McD's as the oil used is to make the fries has beef flavour though they claim that they stopped using it 11 years ago. "Hindus and vegetarians all over the world feel shocked and betrayed by McDonald's deception and ultimate greed."

I have been eating in McD's usually,may be I can also sue them for am also putting weight lately, may be its the hand of McDs' . Sue and get rich. I wonder is it only McD's or there are other such fast food chain resturants who are making people fat, we should find out those and sue them too.

p.s all of the above ideas to sue are taken up, try some new ideas now guys, we are enough smart to get new ideas, aren't we !!!!!!