Thursday, November 23, 2006

Been Tagged.....

Thanks to sakshi for tagging, I have a list of lazy bloggers like me at the end whom I wanna tag ….

9 Favorites:

Favorite Season: Fall (if u go by the school calendar).
Favorite Sport: Tennis.
Favorite Time: Evenings after office.
Favorite Month: October – Not so cold not so hot, just perfect.
Favorite Singers: Balu.
Favorite Ice Cream: Not an Ice Cream lover.
Favorite Food: Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian….the list goes on.
Favorite Drink: Water.
Favorite Place: Home/Ma room.

9 Currents:

Current Feeling: Nadal Should win.
Current O/S: Windows XP.
Current Windows Open:
Current Drink: Water.
Current Time: 10:34 PM.
Current Mobile(s) Used: Motorola V220.
Current Show on TV: ESPN: 2006 Tennis Masters cup .
Current Thought: Nadal should win.
Current Cloths: Ma school track(LSU), and T-shirt(gift from a friend).

9 Firsts:

First Nickname: Chinni – Still the same…
First Kiss: ************************************.
First Crush: Can’t remember who the was first one was :) , In school.
First Computer: An assembled one, must have got all brand types.
First Vehicle I drove: A car.
First Job: At LSU as a TA for ma dept.
First Movie I watched: hmm…dunno..not a big movie watcher (can’t remember) ..
First Pet: A Dog, named dolly, can’t forget yet, was 8-9 years may be then…I keep telling about it till now to every one.
First Shave: ** ** **** (format: DD/MM/YYYY)

7 Lasts:

Last Chai (Tea) : Monday Morning (ma room mate prepared).
Last Movie: Dor.( should watch, has a gud msg, put up in simple manner, no heavy dialogues, no over action, ..overall good)
Last Time I Drove: 2 Weeks ago to return car back(rental car), thts hard to live without car again.
Last Time Shaved: Censored….
Last Web Site Visited:
Last Software Installed: Could be oracle(been a while)
Last Pill I Had: A month ago for severe head ache n ear pain caused by the heavy usage of cell phone. (ppl don’t use cell so much…learnt a lesson now)

6 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Broken the Law: Not that I remember of breaking it knowingly but definitely without knowing :) , one I remember is making U-turns at no U-turns.
Have You Ever Been Drunk: hmmm…may be not or may be yes? Guess only once.
Have You Ever Climbed a Tree: Yoo…The mango tree in our yard, was a kid.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Nope
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: Yes.Gun fire, had been to a shooting range with friends.
Have You Ever Broken Anyone’s Heart: I might have, dunno…

5 Things:

Things You Can Hear Right Now: The TV (ESPN), ma roomies cell, which has a highly irritating ring tone :( .
Things on Your Computer Table: A flower pot, Table lamp, few books, laptop bag.
Things on Your Bed: A very comfortable bed I have, but it is used for many purposes, ma cell, ma jacket, ma books(novels), and hand bag.
Things You Ate Today: Rasam n French cut beans, yogurt(vanilla flavor, ma fav).
Things in Mind: Nadal Should win and have to buy something like toyoto Tacoma.

4 Places You Have Been Today:

Video Rental
Leasing office
Home :)

2 Choices

Black or White: Black. All time favorite and as sakshi’s said it gives much more slimmer look :)
Hot or Cold: Hot

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die:

hmmm..haven’t really thought abt that much but may be …live life queen size :) in position where I can help others, not in a position where I need to take help....

Now my turn to tag…..

First the list of lazy bloggers ,

Nikhil tops the list,

Then Hari, and Ravi….

Now some non-lazy bloggers, whom I want to know more about…

Sidhu(ok, some confessions now, I read all of ur blogs but don’t leave comments, reason being I can’t give gud comments to such a wonderful blogger…)

And supritha.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

You R Going To Hell