Monday, August 20, 2007


Few pics which I took at MSU


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jayahae Bharata Bhagya Vidhata....

This is a mail from a friend and fellow AIDer, before the mail, here's an introduction of AID Kakinada.
AID kakinada chapter is an year old chapter started and is being built by students of ages 18-2o yrs, there amazing work is really inspirational which is reflected in the depth of issues they took up and the maturity in understanding the root causes.

Their zeal and passion to make a difference is exemplary and is magnified taking their age into consideration.

Dear AID Kakinada,
This is not something I am telling you. This is something I was telling to myself and since you guys working in Kakinada for this nation are the inspiration I felt like sharing with you....

When the whole nation stands up and salutes staring at our National Flag, and when crores of people sing 'Jaya hae Bharata Bhagya Vidhata' I unashamedly felt proud that it is me as a young citizen they are calling to....
After feeling that for about few years from my teenage and seeing children lining up because it’s just a mere ‘pappala pandaga' (sweets day) for them..... It struck to me... Leave alone the feeling they might have to feel that they had a responsibility as a 'Bharata Bhagya Vidhata' to fulfill for future they are blissfully ignorant of the Rights they have as kids to proper food, education, clothing and shelter.
It is not to undermine the glory of what we have achieved it is just to put on the back burner that "miles to go before we sleep" thing.... Whatever moral ascendancy that the west has rubbed on rest of world is not just by its military innovativeness but also majorly by its eradication of hunger..... Time and again, whatever levels of civilized advancement the East had was lost to that one factor..... As its said 'Development of a country and satisfaction of being its citizen is achieved not by how big a nuclear weapon it has but how small is the number of people sleeping hungry in it'….
I wondered and read what made some nations prosper and some suffer and one think that surely stands big, at least, in our case is certainly unity. Many a times we missed the lesson history taught us - "Don't hear to the selfish and loose our unity". Let it be Panipat, Buxar, Haldighat or Talikota....
Planning, Passion and Patriotic Unity stopped the Sun from setting on a small Island. What expectation should a nation of 100 crores and called a sub continent target for?
One might not have a great heart to accept the nation as one family but we can look back far enough and see that the difference between us really is not as big that we think of. The mere recognition of being an Indian would come first rather than Hindu, Muslim, Brahmin, Sudra, Kamma, kaapu, Mala, Madiga, Raju, Reddy, Telangana, Andhra or what so ever it is..... When rest of world is trying to surpass jingoism and nationalist attitudes and move towards global citizenship it would be a shame if our generation would step towards inferior feudal roots and culture of clans.
Again I didn't mean to preach just pouring out what I am feeling.... After about a 14hr work I am ashamed to have felt tired just looking at the mexican cleaning lady who starts her work when I pack up and try to pose as a "saviour of the world" for working "so hard".... I surely thanked my parent’s exposure to greener pastures of careers and their hard work that made me work less harder today and I would struggle equally hard for my children. But, I just am amazed that with no blood bondage, with no near relation and just expanding their family to be a whole nation there are many who felt they can make their graves as stepping stones for the glory of our nation and generation. Every generation is indebted to each and every one who took the blows we had to and who suffered the insults we might have had to and gave us this freedom.
Let us all remember their hard work, not for the sake of August 15th but for reminding ourselves what responsibility lay in our hands. If you feel proud of your new cell phone that your father's money got you then just feel how you would feel if it was really YOU that created or u r part of creation of that cell phone. If the 60 years that passed by is the cell your father bought what we do in future decides how proud we can be of this nation when we pass it on to the next generation. We can be one of those who sit on the side on comment and enjoy the fruits when it’s free for all and take credit. Or build a new nation with the vigour of our youth........
Jaya hae Bharata Bhagya Vidhata..... ( to each and every one of you)