Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Help Suresh

Help Suresh...
Suresh Penchala an F1 Student at Eastern Illinois University is in Masters Program for Computer Science. He was supposed to graduate in December, 2007. On August 14th, Suresh was driving to his school after coming from India the previous day. He was supposed to stop in Nashville for the night and again drive to Illinois the next day. But before reaching Nashville fate played with his future. He met with a serious accident and is currently in ERLANGER HOSPITAL, Chattanooga TN, fighting for his life. Also read the news published at Journal Gazette and the Times-Courier site about this incident.
ERLANGER HOSPITAL is forced to discharge Suresh as he doesn’t have insurance. No nursing facility is willing to take him for the same reason -”no medical insurance”.

Please visit and make a small contribution through TAMA. Help Suresh and pass it on to your friends.


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